Director & Creative Producer

Reeta Varpama, photo credit to Mariana V


'The films look and sound amazing. It was a pleasure working with you.'

Mohammad Dmour, Senior Research Engineer

'Thank you so much. Everyone loves it!'

Livia Harriman, Scientific Communications Lead

'I just wanna say, an overwhelming response to the video. I think it totally puts across the feeling for the song and has made people quite emotional. Congratulations on making another amazing video for us!'

Vix Jones, Artist

'You are a total star! I think the video has turned out brilliantly… really pleased with it. There are so many visually interesting parts in it - the brollies, the reflections, the blossom… and it's all integrating so well with the studio shots. Love it!'

Tandy Harrison, Artist


I'm just a girl, sitting in front of a screen

asking a potential new collaborator to HIRE HER

Don't be shy, I know what I'm doing - promise

Comedy, drama, sci-fi, thriller, music videos, fashion, docs, comms.. you name it, I'm on it.

With over 10 years' experience in the film and TV industry, I bring solid performance and creative energy to projects as a content director and creative producer.

Because of my background in theatre, I joined the Director's Cut Theatre's Director's Club early 2019, working closely with actors and writers improving and trying out fresh texts and putting on new plays. I especially enjoy crafting engaging concepts and original ideas and bringing them to life with a team of diverse and highly skilled professional talent.


I work mostly in London and Cambridge but I am always happy to travel, meet new people and join exciting productions anywhere in the world. My fluent language skills are limited to English and Finnish, however I can follow most conversations in Swedish and Spanish, and also order food in French. Can't hurt right!


I got my first job as a director's assistant back in 2007 on TV drama series and my foot was through the door. One thing led to another, and I co-founded a successful production company in 2012, directing a number of projects and specialising in short promotional and art-led content with a strong emphasis on storytelling, rich audio-visual content and high production values.


After a few years running a business like a badass I moved onto working for myself and freelancing full time in 2015. In addition to my work in post-production, I have been building a portfolio of written and directed work

and developed a stronger directorial voice and vision in the process.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch about your next project, whatever it may be  - I would love to hear from you.





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