Reeta Varpama, photo credit to Mariana V


An overwhelming response to the video. It totally puts across the feeling for the song and has made people quite emotional. Congratulations on making another amazing video for us!

Vix Jones, Artist @ Fred's House

We've loved working with you on this project and will hopefully find a way to collaborate more in the not too distant future!

Rachel Drury, Director @ Collusion ART // TECH // PLAY Series

The films look and sound amazing

Mohammad Dmour, Senior Research Engineer @ AudioTelligence

Thank you so much. Everyone loves it!

Livia Harriman, Scientific Communications Lead @ Cambridge Uni

You are a total star! I think the video has turned out brilliantly… really pleased with it. There are so many visually interesting parts in it - the brollies, the reflections, the blossom… and it's all integrating so well with the studio shots. Love it!

Tandy Harrison, Artist @ Farlanders

I'm just a girl, sitting in front of a screen

asking a potential new collaborator to HIRE HER

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Imagine a beautiful hot summer's day in 2006. You are surrounded by huge, ancient trees in the middle of nowhere, and you are splashing your way in and out of a humid plant nursery. The only sounds you hear are the dozens of frogs bobbing in the puddles, the water streaming from the hose you are holding, and the sweet tunes of the 30 songs that fit on your mp3 filling your ears day after day. This was me at my first job working at an arboretum for a whole summer, far away from home. Nothing to do with film, I hear you exclaim. Well, the reason I wanted the job was that I had become aware of camcorders, and that with a camcorder I could enter the world of filmmaking, and that to get a camcorder I needed to earn some moolah. Hollywood would be just one step away! So, after the summer, off I went to purchase my beloved camcorder. I am not an especially religious person but when I first turned it on, I swear I could hear a choir of angels burst into a heavenly song.

I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Film and Television Production from Cambridge School of Art in 2013 with a first because yes, you guessed it, I practically devoured that course. University pushed me creatively and entrepreneurially, and in my second year I found myself co-running a pretty successful production company.
Just as well, now I had a job to go to after graduation! Although I was a badass business boss, my heart yearned for making powerful, meaningful and imaginative work, challenging and inspiring to look at conventional perspectives and narratives in a new light. Sadly, it seemed there was no room for pushing the boundaries of the corporate model we had set up. So after a few years of learning and growing, I moved on.

Throughout my existence I have been driven by the inexplicable desire to make the imagined a reality, and I haven't much cared about what I have had to do to make it happen. I have found myself typing up scripts, draft after draft, sweating over treatments, securing budgets, making schedules and call sheets, release forms and risk assessments, scouted locations, assembled crews, auditioned talent, poured my money into fake moustaches and parking, directed in the middle of central London and remotely over video calls (lockdown blues) - ultimately ran whole productions and managed to make something out of nothing. It really is magic.

I was only dreaming about doing all of this back in that forest 15 years ago. Luckily technology has come in leaps and bounds since I first held the camcorder in my hands. Although I would be lying if I told you that I didn't occassionally dig out that very same camcorder and marvel at it full of nostalgia.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch about your next project, whatever it may be - I would love to hear from you.


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