Creative Editor



'Focused, flexible, innovative and creative... and a joy to work with!'

Shreepali Patel, BAFTA-winning Director

'Passionate with great professional integrity.'

Léo Reitzell, Creative Director

'An absolute superstar!'

Liam Desroy, Director

'I’ve had so much incredible feedback on the rhythm of the film which has so much to do with your incredible editing! You did so much for the film. I will be so lucky to work with you again in future!'

Sophie Max, Producer

'Great job. I was really impressed with your speed and skill.'

Sam Debock, Production Manager

'If you want your project to look awesome, contact her!'

Borja Torres, Director


because I cut these shots up good

You are probably thinking:

'What I want, what I really, really want... is someone who can edit & grade my film,

please and thank you'

Well then! You are in luck my friend, look no further

I make my office for the day/week/month anywhere and happily slide into my place in a production smoothly like a glove. I frequently travel in and outside the UK for work and also have a full speedy editing suite at my media studio in Cambridge with the ability to deliver projects remotely where required.

Cutting feature films, short fiction, trailers, music videos, performance pieces, promos, brand films, documentaries and campaigns is my thing. I also come packed with practical production and post-production skills honed over the course of 10+ years in commercial and independent filmmaking.


I have edited content for Channel 4, BBC, Amnesty International, Thomson Reuters, The Gurdon Institute,

The Mayo Clinic, Imperial College London and Cambridge University along with dozens of

independent production companies, bands, brands and BFI-funded productions.


My software knowledge and expertise covers Avid, Premiere, FCP 7, FCP X, Da Vinci Resolve

with a touch of After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.


I started out in the Finnish TV industry in 2007 and graduated with a first in BA (Hons) in Film and Television Production from Cambridge School of Art in 2013. My creative ambition is to make powerful, meaningful and imaginative work that challenges and inspires to look at conventional perspectives and narratives in a new light.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch about your next project, whatever it may be  - I would love to hear from you.



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