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Compliments to the Chef 🌟 Kehut ja suositukset

If you’re looking for someone, besides me, to convince you about my professional abilities, look no further (i.e. ‘no further’ actually being a little further, past this upcoming slightly tragic backstory).

Who thought asking for references would be something one is extremely bad at? I mean, how hard can it be? When I first started out in the exciting world of working for a living, my dad always told me to get the reference. Get. The. Reference. GO GET IT. Wow ok, calm down pops.

A part of me took serious note and absolutely saw the benefit in making a habit out of this; in the end I understand I need to prove my worth and have solid evidence of a job well done, so the next person will have faith in hiring me and my services. Another part of me was shook. Shouldn’t people know by simply looking at my hardworking demeanour how breathtakingly brilliant I am? Shouldn’t they be able to, after meeting me for the first time, go yep, we trust her, what a boss, let’s make beautiful film babies now.

Having worked with hundreds of production teams and companies, it simply does not occur to me in the moment of completing an edit, or wrapping a shoot, amongst downing the tools and delivering the goods, to chase someone down and asking them to describe in detail how fantastically fabulous I am. Right?! … except - and bear with me now as these brand new sentiments are coming to me fast - except that… that doesn’t actually sound too bad. Who doesn’t love credit where credit is due? Hmm. Maybe I have been too hasty in my hesitation to ask for something of this nature.

To be fair, there was a time I would religiously ask for a reference, no matter the job or my future aspirations, and did so until 2010. It was my first job in the UK as a call centre customer assistant in a tiny fishing village in Scotland - which is exactly as exotic as it sounds - but which I had to quit upon receiving my acceptance letter to study film production in Cambridge (let me have this humble brag, pleaaaseh). The manager despised my guts for reasons unknown (I like to think my incredible boogie raised something unholy in her) and I was horrified, after diligently working for her for months, to find she had misspelled my name on the reference letter I had asked for. Misspelled my name on a reference, that according to my dad, my life and future happiness depended on. Misspelled it. On purpose. I felt truly humiliated. There was no digital copy. Just this one old-school letter, with my name butchered in black on white. I never asked for another reference again. Until…

Pictured above: I once cut my showreel into an action film trailer featuring an assortment of references from clients and colleagues, thus creating a mind-blowing purpose-built all-inclusive shebang that would sell the heck out of my services. Fun fact: it didn’t. I still hope it wasn’t because of the trailer itself. I’m optimistically thinking it had more to do with me being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as one does when the world is slapping her in the face.

Congratulations! You have made it to what you came here to find in the first place: the compliments to the chef, the chef being me, my business being the show business, and as they say there is no business like show business, and - ok we're getting way off track here.

Since had its last round of tweaking, the written references were removed from the portfolio pages to allow for the work to take the centre stage. Instead, I shall collect all the lovely things you say down here. These compliments, comments and references are a mixture of recommendations I have asked for over the years, as well as various feedback and praise I have picked out of email chains and conversations.

🇫🇮🇫🇮 🇫🇮

Keskustelin asiakkaan kanssa ja palaute on ylitsevuotavan positiivista!!! Kiitos tiimi, olette mahtavia!

Pekka Tuominen, CEO / boss man @ DigiPeople Studio

Wau, video on mielestäni aivan huippu - upeaa työtä!!

Asiakaspalaute, DigiPeople Studio

Asiakas tykkäsi kovasti videosta. Mahtavaa duunia! Kiitos suuresti, että pääsit osallistumaan tähän projektiin. Oli mukava tehdä töitä kanssasi!

Kari Pohto, Junior Producer @ Tonto

Todella hyvä, suorastaan erinomainen video. 😊 Tässä videolla on nyt tosi hyvä tunnelma; raikas, moderni ja uskottava.

Asiakaspalaute, DigiPeople Studio

Olemme huippu tyytyväisiä.... filmi on hieno!!!!

Asiakaspalaute, DigiPeople Studio


Focused, flexible, innovative and creative… and a joy to work with!

Shreepali Patel, Bafta-winning Director The Frontline | The Bottom Line | Waltzing | Circus

Reeta is excellent. Whoever has the chance to work with her is very lucky.

Ruth Gilbert, Director @ BBC

Passionate with great professional integrity.

Léo Reitzell, Creative Director @ brandAnonymous

An absolute superstar!

Liam Desroy, Director Dead In October

A creative professional and an absolute joy to work with!

Sloane U’Ren, Director Hello World! | The Man in the Fedora

Nice work! It gives a real flavour of the shooting experience.

Christopher Sheppard, Producer The Roads Not Taken

I’ve had so much incredible feedback on the rhythm of the film which has so much to do with your incredible editing! You did so much for the film. I will be so lucky to work with you again in future!

Sophie Max, Producer The Whole Truth

Thank you again for your hard work, you've made the finished products look lovely and you have been a real pleasure to work with. Everyone here is really pleased with the outcome, and you have made the different versions look great - with some great shots and a real eye for detail with the edit.

Client feedback, CAST

Magnificent. The attention to detail and a ‘can do’ attitude, as well as a creative vision, made the project a pleasure to work on.

Client feedback, BandApp

Reeta is a great professional. She quickly understands the requirements of the project, she works hard and makes it really easy to communicate with her during the whole process. If you want your project to look awesome, contact her.

Borja Torres, Director Out of Date

The films were screened last week at the awards and they went down very well. Everyone said they were outstanding.

Benjamin Sherriff, Producer / Director @ Spellbinder Productions

We've loved working with you on this project and will hopefully find a way to collaborate more in the not too distant future!

Rachel Drury, Director @ Collusion ART // TECH // PLAY Series

I just wanna say, an overwhelming response to the video. I think it totally puts across the feeling for the song and has made people quite emotional. Congratulations on making another amazing video for us!

Vix Jones, Fred’s House Walls and Ceilings | Never Gonna Love You | Can We just Pretend

YOU ARE A TOTAL STAR!! There are so many visually interesting parts in it - the brollys, the reflections, the blossom..and it's all integrating so well with the studio shots. LOVE IT!! I think the video has turned out brilliantly..really pleased with it as you know!!

Tandy Harrison, Farlanders Jessica | Taste of Salt

The team are absolutely loving these films and we all appreciate the work you have put in. Thank you again for all your work on this. I can't wait to share them with our consortium, our local groups, and the public.

Client feedback, Market Place / UNBOSI

Firstly thank you for your film edit. It was great to see your work and I felt your approach was a good match for our project. Thank you for all your hard work on this and your patience! We are really pleased with the films. The films are great, they really capture the activity and the people and tell the stories in such a lovely way.

Client feedback, Market Place / UNBOSI

Thank you so much for this week. Was great to meet and work with you. You did a great job and I was really impressed with your speed and skill :)

Sam Debock, Production Manager @ Clearhead

A star! Does a great job and nice to have around.

Gabriel Foster Prior, Post-Production Producer Rise of the Footsoldier 3 | To Be Someone

The films look and sound amazing.

Mohammad Dmour, Senior Research Engineer @ AudioTelligence

Thank you so much. Everyone loves it!

Livia Harriman, Scientific Communications Lead @ Cambridge University

Pictured above: dedication to smug poses, c. 2018

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