• Reeta Varpama

An Unplanned Abomination: La Trompeta Explosiva

Now this is definitely not the most embarrassing thing I’ve shared for a while, I remark without a hint of irony. (Also how much sarcasm is too much? Asking for a friend.)

We got together for a family dinner at mum’s. She had got us ‘kids’ a sack of Kinder eggs, because, Easter. We started reminiscing about the Kinder surprises of old and before we knew it, mum had dug out the very toys from the depths of our long-forgotten childhood.

One thing led to another, and the only logical conclusion appeared before us; a full-blown concert assembled on the dining table, completed with a mariachi band, photographers and medics, stage managers, dancers and waiters, as well as a huge crowd lined up in front of the stage, with the number one fans at the front and bouncers at the gates to keep everything civil. There were royalty, celebs, aliens, wizards, pirates, monsters… even a shady guy selling faux merch! The place was lit. I mean, there was parking right at the gates and a petrol pump so you’d definitely make it home!

Coming up with this totally spontaneously with the only unspoken rule being if it makes you giggle it's going in, made me STUPID HAPPY.

Don’t get me wrong - this is a very serious multi-layered piece of art. Created by Chris and myself, with the support and expert backdrop handling, puppeteering, lighting and stunt coordination from our fearless creative team (mum, sis and bro-in-law).

100% made on my trusty iPhone (I know - you probably can’t believe it’s not shot on celluloid). Thank goodness Adobe Rush has improved loads since I last used it.

Please let me present to you our love letter to the Spanish-speaking cinema:

La Trompeta Explosiva.

I expect the Academy to give me a call any day now.

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