• Reeta Varpama

Would you look at that!

Isn’t it weird to have these words typed? To take a thought and give it a space and a form. Just like that. Wandering into the forest of your mind and finding a view you hope to share with a friend. A bit of a shinrin-yoku to cleanse the soul.

Did you ever write diaries? Do you still? One of my greatest guilty pleasures used to be running my fingers over the covers of crispy-paged notebooks to be filled with scribbles and doodles, or creating a new journal on some dodgy site and decorating it with pictures, colours and fonts that best represented the workings of me at the time.

Starting it anew all over again was a frequent occurrence whenever another layer of my growing identity revealed itself in a sort of turmoil, too loud and too bright to be contained within the nooks of my inner world. Stories about the everyday, film reviews, recipe books, lists of Christmas presents received - each a differently shaped window into a life in progress.

Maybe, after years in slumber, collecting these thoughts in this way is a direct repetition of that half-abandoned way of expression. For the first time, this is also an escape. I’m hoping to put things in order, explore the past, present and future, record this life in progress, without the cacophony of echo chambers or being buried alive in the daily avalanche of ads. Just you and me, and this telepathy between us. What a view.

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